Turn to Your Left at the End of the Sky


The title of this blog is a verse from a poem by e.e. cummings:

“What of the dreams that never die?”

“Turn to your left at the end of the sky”

This blog will attempt to explore the intersection of faith, science, mathematics and mystery. And probably a whole lot more…

Blog Philosophy

1. Link to original sources wherever possible.

2. Never cease to be curious.

3. A failure to deal with complexity is the plight of our age.

4. Quality thoughts are rare and probably don’t adhere to a blogging schedule.

5. Truth is multidisciplinary.


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  1. Hello.

    I am writing on behalf of Mr. Daniel Friedmann. As a book blogger, I am sure you have some readers who wrestle with the apparent conflicts between the words of The Bible and the findings of science (typically portrayed as creation versus evolution). If so, you will be interested in Mr. Friedmann’s new book: The Genesis One Code. This ground-breaking book helps reconcile the timelines of Biblical history and the timelines of scientific history – discovering that religion and science are indeed compatible.

    Attached is a press release. Mr. Friedmann is available for interviews, and he can send a PDF of his book. Simply reply to this email to request a PDF copy, and an interview if desired.

    We hope we will have the chance to work together on this.

    Samantha for Daniel Friedmann

    Comment by Samantha | January 2, 2012 | Reply

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