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Optimal Memorization

Wired has an excellent article on an optimal memorization algorithm developed by Piotr Wozniak. The technique has been embodied in a software program called SuperMemo and an open-source alternative called Mnemosyne

I’m somewhat skeptical that spending more time on memorizing facts is that useful but given that a few months ago I could barely remember the equation for the roots of a quadratic perhaps I should be more open-minded.

The algorithm is straightforward:

    1. Split the knowledge into smallest possible items.
    2. With all items associate an E-Factor equal to 2.5.
    3. Repeat items using the following intervals:
      for n>2: I(n):=I(n-1)*EF
      I(n) – inter-repetition interval after the n-th repetition (in days),
      EF – E-Factor of a given item
      If interval is a fraction, round it up to the nearest integer.
    4. After each repetition assess the quality of repetition response in 0-5 grade scale:
      5 – perfect response
      4 – correct response after a hesitation
      3 – correct response recalled with serious difficulty
      2 – incorrect response; where the correct one seemed easy to recall
      1 – incorrect response; the correct one remembered
      0 – complete blackout.
    5. After each repetition modify the E-Factor of the recently repeated item according to the formula:
      EF’ – new value of the E-Factor,
      EF – old value of the E-Factor,
      q – quality of the response in the 0-5 grade scale.
      If EF is less than 1.3 then let EF be 1.3.
    6. If the quality response was lower than 3 then start repetitions for the item from the beginning without changing the E-Factor (i.e. use intervals I(1), I(2) etc. as if the item was memorized anew).
    7. After each repetition session of a given day repeat again all items that scored below four in the quality assessment. Continue the repetitions until all of these items score at least four.

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Skype 4.0 and GUI madness

Skype has released version 4.0 (beta) and seem to have completely lost the plot on GUI design. In prior versions it was possible to have one’s contact list docked on the right side of the screen leaving plenty of real estate for working. The new layout now takes half of a 21″ monitor and can’t be made any smaller! That now makes it impossible to keep Skype open and periodically monitor online contacts. I would be ok with Skype taking over my screen once a call has started. Before that time, though, it should remain as unobtrusive as possible while still allowing me to monitor my contact list.

Skype needs to realize that our PC’s are not phones. Communication is a means; not an end.

I would recommend staying with Skype 3.8 until this issue is resolved.

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